Why not try Corpsing?

Corpsing is an easy way to make any white plastic skeleton look more interesting and realistic. Its easy to do and a project you can do with your older kids. My kids in the photos are 11 & 17.  Here is what you need and step by step instructions.


What you need

  • 1500 watt Heat gun (amazon carries them)
  • wood stain any brand
  • Early American (leathered skin)
  • Cabernet (blood)
  • Jacobean(dark dried blood)
  • Chip Brush
  • Rag 
  • Gloves
  • 3.5 Mil clear plastic sheeting from Home depot
  • Cheap Plastic skeleton

We did a Horse and did it in sections, but if doing a skull or small animal you would not have to disassemble it.


Step by Step

Choose an area outside on concrete. The heat gun melts the plastic fast – you don’t want it to stick to anything like furniture and the stain can be messy, so you want a work table (that you are not fond of) to paint your skeleton on. 

First, you are going to wrap your skeleton or whatever your working on in the plastic sheeting. Cut only the amount that will cover the area completely. Once covered, using your heat gun, you’re going to melt the plastic onto the skeleton. It happens fast, so do not stay in a place too long and do not hold it too close or you can melt the skeleton itself. Be careful – the guns get very hot.

Let the item cool.

With your chip brush, lightly dip the brush into Early American and brush onto the melted plastic and then wipe with rag. 

Do this in small sections if corpsing on something larger. Early American stains to look like skin once applied and wiped off. 

There will be areas that you melted that will be more gathered and crusted and this is where the Cabernet and Jacobean color comes in.

You want to hit those areas with the Cabernet and Jacobean lightly and wipe. This gives the look of old dried blood. You can use the same brush and rag. I always use the stain lid to dab excess stain off the brush. you want to wipe the more boney areas a bit more so it looks lighter in areas. 

Let dry overnight. 

If you want to make a Zombie skull, try using weathered grey stain and Early American and some watered down zombie Green paint using the same method, hitting the gathered places with Jacobean.

Happy Corpsing!