Beetlejuice Magician Assistant Planter

Beetlejuice Magician Assistant Planter

This is my take on the Magicians assistant planter.

A friend sent me a photo from street art globe and I figured I would do my best to make a couple of planters, to sit on a Halloween bar or buffet for parties. There was a bit of a learning curve on this one, being that the mannequins were not plaster but cheap plastic and paint doesn’t really stick to smooth plastic.

The first thing I did was used a coarse sand block and roughed up the surface of the legs and butt of the mannequins. I decided on using an Uber Matte spray paint in the color sprout. I chose that color in preference over the bluish appearance that she carried in the film.

I sprayed all the parts lightly with this color, to just give it a hue and not cover it heavy and completely. It dried in 20 mins and then using a plastic squeeze bottle (with a pointed tip), I used my Perma Blood and just squeezed the blood around the rim of the butt so it would drip naturally down; the legs are not connected at this point. Perma blood is pricy so a little goes a long way… I let this dry overnight.

I grabbed two cheap plastic pots and pea rock at home depot and drilled 2 holes to attach it to the base of the butt and filled the pot with pea rock about half way to help weight it down a bit.

I used floral foam in the center and filled the side around the foam with moss. I decided to make a floral arrangement instead of live plants, so I can use it for events but you can always fill it with real succulents or flowers if you like. Add fishnets, or stockings of your choice and shoes and enjoy.

I didn’t want to waste the top half of the mannequin so I decided to cover it in white chalk paint then age and crackle it to give it a creepy vintage plaster mannequin look.